November 10, 2021

360° Campaign

There is a tremendous noise out there with notifications, ads, reminders, messages, calls from work, family, thoughts in your own head. But this isn’t just you or because you work in a crazy industry. Everybody is in the same place. Everybody. So you want to sell these busy people a product or service and think just because the ad reached them it will sell? Good luck with that. People ignore kids dying of cancer in need for financial support, you still think your ad is gonna close sales? Unless your ad is extraordinarily awesome, that’s never gonna happen.
According to a study  95%  of the marketing people that have all the budget needed to hit their sales targets, still don’t hit their sales target. Just kidding, there is no such study, but we know from what we see everyday in the market. Because it doesn’t matter how much you spend, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you’re not spending, you’re wasting.
Before you get your feet in the water there are some things you should know, or learn so the campaign doesn’t project as a failure before it even starts.

How to turn followers or engagers with your campaign into buyers really quickWhy your customers are not engaging and how to trigger them
How to generate thousands of leads and getting the cost per lead to almost nothing.

Let’s take these down, one by one and real quick

To get someone to buy something there is one big thing and thousands of smaller things. The big thing is they believe strongly and have all the proof that what is being offered will solve their problem the fastest and at the best price available for that quality.
The smaller things are “I am getting this because the offer is great and I might need this in the future”, “everybody is getting this”, “I want this because I will look/feel cool with it”.

Funny thing is, all reasons are valid, but it’s not really advisable to make something that aims at all reasons. That will create confusion in the buyer, and a confused buyer is never a buyer.

Your customers are not engaging because they don’t feel related with the ad/product/post. Why they are not related? Most probably because you didn’t do your homework and don’t even know WHO your perfect customer is and HOW do they feel everyday about the problem you want to solve with your product/service.

Leads are the first step to convert public into buyers, but these are sometimes hard to get. Well, hard if it’s done the hard way. And the hard way is always not knowing your possible customer. Where they spend their time, what they do, what content they consume, where they consume it.

There are many and many more things to check, but we always have a session to define the strategy and check the requirements to validate the campaign. Maybe you are interested in knowing how this works, you can reach us out at and get your free session for a marketing strategy that will get your sales through the roof.