Addressing perfectly the logistic challenge of an iconic event.

The biggest achievement and a major milestone for Albania during 2019 was the celebration for the 10 years of Albania in NATO.
The event was held at ”Nene Tereza” Square with the President of The Republic of Albania, The Prime Minister of The Republic of Albania, Ministers of The Republic of Albania and many other important guests from countries that are part of NATO.

Massive participation.
Total precision.

10,000 troops from X coutries with their military leadership, and four NATO airplanes coming from France to fly in the Albanian sky, greeted the ceremony synced in a precision of a sec. The whole Square was branded with the logo and symbols created for the event as well as the main point of the ceremony, the stage

Staging the extraordinary.

One day before the main event, an official ceremony took place at “Pallati I Brigadave” with the President of the Republic of Albania while the next day, the main event followed. We feel honored for the opportunity and proud to have facing the ultimate challenge to organize the events and design of all the assets for the Celebration of 10 of Albania in the Alliance.