The most recalled and recognized campaign ever made in Albania.

Imagine yourself standing in the crowd of public protesters. Each person is chanting the same words. Some people are chanting louder while others fainter. Nonetheless, everyone rhythmically repeats the same things in the same way. Well, this is not the case of ALBTelecom rebranding and repositioning campaign.

Flexible as a platform,
genius as a solution.

Since Albanian market is mostly focused on prepaid bundles, we have created a platform that can be easily used to promote prepaid monthly packages addresing everyday communication problems.

A new striking visual language.

We also wanted to be unique in the image, funny in the tone-of-voice and to use single minded messages. For that, we have used story telling to say the stories of “The Creatives”. A young team of an advertising agency’s colleagues, telling stories and problems that the brand’s product could solve.

A new way of advertising with unexpected results.

This series of TV spots brought a new way of advertising in the Albanian market resulting one of the most recalled campaigns ever made in Albania that built depth for the brand, dimension and distinctiveness, driving recall and recognition even now.

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