We challenged status quo by challenging coffee category clichés.

With the ambition to succeed outside the borders of Albania, ADD Co. engaged PIK to invent a coffee brand that would have the voice and the personality to bring that success. Instead of focusing on quality that most of the coffee brands are doing we focused on the personality of the brand and the coffee moments. Starting from the name we saw coffee as a source of creativity, and what more creative than motherhood? The source of all life: “AME” or “AMA” in Albanian. We have infused the Italian spirit in the slogan keeping “amato” as a key word (beloved in Italian). The brand was born. But the personality was to follow: bold, creative, minimal, artistic, abstract and daring. Balkan soul, Italian style. 

Local insights targeting global audience.

Living in a country that has 654 cafes per 100 thousand inhabitants or 1 café per 152 people our first thought was to focus on real insights and use them to create a global visual language that talks to a global audience.

Sparking dialogue.

AMA Coffee sparked dialogue immediately and continued the conversation establishing a connection, a community and, finally the success of going abroad in just XX years from the birth date of the brand.

A unique case of brand creation and building.

This is a unique case of a brand built on local cultural tension that connected business goals and brand vision to global consumer needs.

Developing new products.

Following the launching of the main brand new products were developed like Ama Iced Coffee and Ama Signature Varietes, each one with a unique sales proposition and place in the marketplace. What these products have in common is the special craft in their communication and packaging that only PIK can offer.

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