A campaign to relax, get ready and lighten up all summer nights.

Amstel, a leader in the beer market, has been present at the Albanian table since 1991. In 2018 they wanted to launch a campaign that would upgrade their image and appeal to younger audiences. The communication would target the socializers, party animals, and those who enjoy summer celebrating with their friends.
Summer is the season of sun, sea, and days spent on the beach; the season we enjoy our moments with family and friends the most, finally relaxing and rewarding ourselves after the hard winter at work or school.

We wanted to build a campaign around the way we celebrate this season, the unique Amstel way.

Summer, friends and an exceptional way of celebrating.

The movie featured a group of friends having a night to remember celebrating with Amstel. It was an invitation to open up to the world and get ready to celebrate each moment, making our days AND nights brighter. Bright like the summer sun!
Since our brand stands for “brew the bright side of life,” the campaign’s message fell under the concept of making our summer nights come alive and become brighter.
The message was simple yet appealing to the youngsters but also every Amstel lover, despite their age, background, and lifestyle. We wanted everyone to feel the positive feelings and positive experience with Amstel during the summer months.

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