A summer campaign that brought the party and the perfect reason to drink beer.

It's the summer of 2018. Amstel wants to give a reason to party all over Albania. When it’s party time, PIK is always there, ready to give the best ideas and organize events and activations that can make a real buzz. The beer has been at every Albanian’s table for a very long time, but we want to bring the beer out in the streets and celebrate summer the proper way.

Give yourself the reward you deserve

The campaign was built around the concept that you should celebrate every little accomplishment and reward yourself with Amstel. If you’ve given your best in every important or silly thing you do, you deserve to be rewarded.

5 super events in 5 different cities.

A series of concert were organized in 5 different cities all over Albania. People celebrated their summer nights with good music, games and activations, good food and the best beer.

A new summer packaging

During the summer campaign, Amstel lovers were also introduced with a refreshed packaging, brought to them with summerish look with “motivational” that helped them understand that every little accomplishment they have, must be rewarded with a beer.

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