Locally inspired
universally relevant.

As one of the first foreign brands that ever came to the country, Amstel has walked side by side Albanians since 1991 and knows them better than any other brand. That being said, when Amstel choose PIK to adress the  request for a locally relevant campaign, we knew that we had to go the extra mile and come up with a creative approach that spoke to the audience’s heart. What do Albanians consider to be more important than everything else? As people with a strong sense of identity they regard their family and social bonds as the core to their values and who they are.

Focusing on new couples and to their  brighter moment: their wedding.

Which is the main occasion that gathers every important person in an Albanian’s life?It’s a wedding. The perfect event to celebrate with both family and friends.
Although, the event itself is never perfect, here come Amstel to save the day and brighten the celebration. A series of situation that every Albanian relates to, culminate with the moment of the Amstel toast.  This way Amstel reinforce its position in the territory of big celebrations thought the main message:“Raise an Amstel to those who make our celebrations brighter! That’s how we like it.”

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