Using humor to take over the category and create a love brand.

Back in 2015 Belino was the market leader in sales because of the good quality for money combination. But the brand was facing a challenge. Belino was falling back in brand perception mostly because the first croissant that was imported in Albania was Molto and as a result people were calling Molto any croissant in the market.
Being No1 in sales wasn’t enough for ELKA.
The challenge was quite tough: to overshadow all competition and give Belino the place it deserved. To be No1 in the people’s heart and top of people’s mind.

“The Good, the Bad and the French”: the second part of the tv spot series for Belino Croissant.

Overshadowing the competition.

We decided to use as our tools for that task the croissant origin (France) and the perception people have for French language and pronunciation. On top of that we used the strong identity of the product to our advantage capitalizing the whole heritage that the product has in its dna… but not in the expected way.

The adventures of a French aristocrat offered a solution to the brand’s challenge.

The result was two campaigns that narrate the stories of a French aristocrat that travels in iconic cinematic fictional places trying to explain how croissant is really pronounced, but, with no results. Because, after all, there’s only one name for croissant: Belino!

“Il Padrino and Belino”: the third part of the tv spot series for Belino Croissant.

Consistancy and cutting edge humor have created a love brand.

For PIK, Belino is our favorite case of a communication that took almost 5 years of consistent presence that resulted a love brand, record sales but most importantly, a perception change about the brand. Moreover, a behaviour change of the consumers so, when they want a croissant, to ask for a “Belino” rather any other brand because croissant have only one name. Guess what...

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