Minimalism, passion, meaning and pride in
a perfect

On 2016 Albanian football team got qualified for the first time in its history to the European Championship. As much pride this qualification brought, it also attracted the lights and the attention of people and the media along with many challenges. Albania wanted to appear as a modern, contemporary, developing country and what better vehicle to use rather than… the design of the uniform?  
This jersey would not be just a uniform. It would be a statement, an aidentity claim over a global audience.

Answering complexity with clarity.

The old jersey was not appropriate for the players to wear –outdated in every way: from the design to the materials. The design of the uniform went on a tender and all the agencies and the design houses of the coutry participated in a pitch that was about to bring fame and pride to the winner. Indeed, this is how it felt after we attain it with a proposal that took all the meaning of being Albanian and put it in a simple design that radiates clarity of thought.
Designing the National Game Set for this historical event, the first time that has been qualified for the European Championship, brought us fame and pride.

The design of the jersey carries a lot of meaning from Albanian heritage and national pridein a modern, minimal way that follows our tradition of the use of geometric patterns.

Exceeding every expectation.

The uniform was a great success among fans and football critics, among the players and the stakeholders. Even the Prime Minister himself was involed to promote and congratulate the design. But mostly the uniform has being totally loved by the people and the fans that named it as “our legendary jersey”.

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