A campaign that created some serious buzzzzzz.

Have you ever spent all night fighting with a damn mosquito?
If you had to choose which one is more annoying, between the bite or the bzzzzz, you wouldn’t know which one to choose, do you? Well, H10 is here to help you win this battle with the mosquito invasion.
A product we’ve used our whole lives, even though we might not recall the brand. Here comes our creative team with a campaign proposal that aims to make H10 a top of mind for every bzzzzz problem we encounter

Is it RAF? Is it Luftwaffe?
No, it’s just summer.

Every summer is that time of the year. An airfleet of mosquitos is about to attack your skin, your peace, your family so you have to arm for the battle.
In a video that reminds a WWII documentary we see the attack taking place in the kitchen with lethal results.H10 ensures a sure and clean victory for the summer and it’s doing it successfully for the last 30 years.

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