A global celebrity,
a glamorous football event and customer rewards can drive loyalty.

On 2017 Heineken was the main sponsor of Champions League worldwide. In Albania the brand wanted to invest on the sponsorship and become top of the consumers minds with an event that would gather true football fans and offer them true unforgettable moments!
For that we chose the PLAZA Hotel which was transformed into a glamorous venue where we incorporated the branding and set design elements of the event into the interior design of the hotel lounge.

Marco Materazzi gave the desirable “wow” effect to an already great event!

More than that, we have invited Marco Materazzi as a main guest in an event placed in a pedestrian street in the middle of Tirana who chose 25 people to be part of semi final of the Champion League among other games and events.

Rewards can create possitive sentiment and… raise glasses!

With a huge participation by the users as well as a strong post event on-line activity Heineken rewarded its audience for their loyaltybut also make them... cheer.

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