Crafting at its best.

A Mar Adriatico is another brand that we have created from scratch. The style is minimal, elegant and very modern. It perfectly allows us to show the quality and freshness of the product, by practically displaying it alongside a clean and
eye-catching design.

A packaging that stands out.

The logo concept, by highlighting different characters, displays and communicates the complexreality and all the different meanings of the brand name. We aimed to craft apackaging that everyone will distinguish immediately amongst other brands.

A packaging that stands out.

The artwork, the anchoviesillustrations, are hand made and unique. This is an original way to transmit,directly from the label design, all the artisan care with which the anchoviesare treated. The watercolor brushes recalls the sea flavors. We have used amore sophisticated blue, which merges the crystal blue waters of the Adriaticsea, the same blue reflections of the anchovies and the neutral food colorsaltogether.