The oldest shopping center with a new and fresh communication campaign.

QTU, the first shopping mall in Albania and one of the biggest one, has proven through the years to know how to reinvent itself. And when they made huge transformation to their premises, they naturally wanted a relaunch campaign that would be equally as exciting as their new beginning.
So, to have a winning idea in the presentation pitch we, we knew that we had to create a new concept that would fit their new identity and upgrade QTU as a brand.

An immersive shopping experience.

The new QTU was bigger and better than before in everything it offered to its visitor such as additional recreative spaces, more stores and new cinema halls. So, we saw it as an opportunity to describe the shopping center as a whole universe where everything that happens is all around its visitor.

QTU. All around you.

The new slogan “QTU. All around you” was presented in a multichannel campaign. It had a fresh, fashionable and full of energy look and feel. With a series of TV spots, we showed the immense possibilities to do something related to you and your interests, at QTU.

We wanted to create a buzz, make people feel excited and consider QTU’s relaunch a big event in their life.