A tactical campaign that became the talk of the town.

Every autumn, Qtu is organising the Outlet Sales as one of the milestone activation of the year. The objective is to generate sales in a period that is prior to Christmas and after the Back to School period. So the importance of being successful each year is critical because it can make the difference in terms of sales.
This year the idea was to start a bit earlier than usually with a series of spots that were showing people that were simply... waiting.

“I am waiting”.
The right answer to give.

The TV spots shot in the premises of the shoping mall were illustrating people in the most unappropriate hours of the day to wait. Guess what. The upcoming sales of QTU.

Wait no longer.
QTU’s Outlet Sales is here!

The reveal campaign justified all the built up of the teasers. With sales up to -80% and a car offered as a gift to one of the lucky customers made perfect sense to wait for it. And people do wait for Outlet Sales of QTU every year ever since.

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