A campaign that speaks with children through their own language.

When the ELKA came to us with a request to advertise Replay Snacks targeting specifically children, we knew that if we wanted to build a successful brand with successful communication campaigns, we had to speak their language. The real challenge was to promote the product efficiently through a fun story that they could connect. Cartoons are part of every child’s daily routine. When they get affectionate with an animated character, they automatically get obsessed with the product.

“A regular day of Mia” - the first animated spot for Replay snacks that introduces the world of Mia and Replay characters. The most viewed kids video in Albania with 994.000 views on YOU TUBE within a year.

“Mia at the park” - the second animated spot of the series that positions the brand as the “snack of friends” that develops the story of Mia and Replay characters even further. It is a serious upgrade in terms of production values

A brand with a loyal following.

The enthusiastic bond that kids all over the country created with the characters, helped us convey our message in a fun and straightforward way.
The cartoon characters along with the production values created a great impact and made Replay Snacks a success story in the market.

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