It’s all about flavor.  
More or less... it’s what makes you choose.

Our client, Sejega Mayonnaise, gave us the task to visually represent a product so intensely delicious that it can "transform" instantly any dry and dull food into a juicy, yummy meal of unforgettable taste. Was it easy? Not exactly. But it was fun.
Our main hero, a paper sandwich, turns at the magic touch of a rich, thick, and creamy mayonnaise into a deliciously real one.
That’s the magic of a mayo that makes you enjoy food even more.

Lightfull colors, details without visual caos.This is the taste of a campaign over flavour.

A campaign overruled by lightful colors. Colors that evoke the tastebuds and stimulate the appetite. But we didn’t want these colors to overshadow our Sejaga Mayonnaise. That is why we decided to make the subject stand out and let it talk or itself. The result: Harmonious visuals tastefully crafted without any unnecessary distraction.We produced a playful and tasteful commercial that is fun to watch over and over again.

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