The universal power of making questions -and finding the answers.

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is an international after-school program that gives teens the skills succeed in a mdigital world. With 9 TUMO centers across the globe the center expand its presence in Albania. Missing a communication campaign and a real strategic positioning from abroad we needed to work from scratch for the launching campaign.
For that, we started from our real audience. We asked real children from 12 to 16 years old what are they curious about -and we documented them.

Is there a real answer to
real kids’ questions?

What we have realised in the process was that people in that age don’t really want an answer because when they take one, they challenge it. And that, mostly because instead of taking an answer for granded they preffer to discover it by their own.
A second thing we have realized was that this is how human race has evolved since the dawn of time. We were in front of a great claim and a great campaign.
But first we went on air with kids questions regarding the 8 learning initiatives that TUMO offers. That was our teaser campaign with a remark of the launching date.

In the beginning there was...
a question.

Finally at the launching campaign we went big, bigger than life.
Our story begins at the dawn of the Universe claiming that the world didn’t start with the Big Bang but when people started wondering about the world. And that’s how we have evolved, how we have moved forward and how we have grown as people in the process. This is the power of making questions. This is the way to “Get ahead”.

Find your own answers.
Get ahead.

This is the message we want to deliver to our kids.
To question everything. To always search for their own answers. To use their curiosity to grow themselves in the same way we have used human curiosity as a strategy to communicate with our audience and create this meaningful and beautiful campaign.

Tumo inaguration with
Prime Minister mr. Edi Rama.

During the event of Tumo inaguration we connect with all the Tumo centers around the globe while representatives of the state, big corporations, and important stakeholders were present in the event. As our main message “Get ahead” was dominant in the campaign materials as well as in the interior decoration of Tumo was also the main message of the speakers of the event.

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