To be or not to be.
The big question with a never-ending answer

We are what we drink. So, this means that we are 70% water.
That is why instead of yet another water brand, we created a product that represents who we are, our true selves.
We built a bold identity, bottled water that inspires us to express our individuality and creativity in its full potential.

Whatever you feel to B/ just B/.
This is the kind of water you need

B/ it’s much more than bottled water. It’s a lifestyle.  In a world that tells us to behave, think and be a certain way, we say BE YOU instead and celebrate your true self.

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We created a premium brand supported by a premium bottle that made B/ Water contemporary and recognizable.

Target group?
Yep, let’s be all of them!

Everyone drinks water. But our modern product speaks the language of youngsters. We speak to the active ones, those who love going out, being out there enjoying the city lifestyle. We aim for the trendsetters to lead our product throughout the market. We want to alter their mentality from “I want a bottle of water” to “I want a bottle of B/”. What happens next? B/ Water will follow these trendsetters as they grow older, eventually becoming not only cool water for young people but a cool choice for everyone.

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