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November 10, 2021

How to brand the legendary way


It’s hard to explain what a brand is. Unless you are an expert at branding. Well, we have some experience, let’s see if we can pass that for expertise.

Look below. These are logos from some of the most famous brands in the world


What you SEE is the logo, but what you FEEL every time you see that logo, or think about that company/product THAT is the brand.

Now, how do YOU feel about these brands is merit of EVERYTHING they do, high quality of products, inspiring communication, customer experience and so many and many more subtle things that make you fall in love with them.TO say it with less words: they have to deliver their promises, always, and no matter what. So, let’s say you have a brand (even a personal brand counts) and you want to make that brand work. That actually means taking your brand out there and applying it to the world.

Step One: Describe the person you are most excited to work with.
This would be your ideal client. Even if you want to attract a big audience, at the center of that group is the person who would be the perfect fit for your services. The person you’d be most excited to work with.

Step Two: Connect your client’s goals with the problems holding them back. These should be related to the services you provide, meaning your services are the solution to their problems.

Step Three: How is your client’s life improved as a result of working with you? Helping your clients achieve this is your brand purpose.

Seems easy right? Now that you know, of course it is.

And still, you might know everything there is to know and read everything there is to read, but there are secrets that you discover only in the wild urm, market sorry.
For example, in our 12+ years of building brand after brand after brand, we have grasped the most essential lesson of all:
That legendary brands are not about portfolio, image or business. A legendary brand is all about CUSTOMERS. If you grasp that concept and apply it by all means, at all costs, your success will be unstoppable.

If you are interested in learning more about how we help Companies rock their brands, shoutout to us at info@pik.al