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"To us if it doesn’t make a difference...

it doesn’t make

If we can encourage our clients to take a daring step further we’re halfway to hit it right. Our culture is not forcing our culture, a “PIK culture”. We love honesty and openness, and we love communication between people, talking to each-other, sharing.

These things always build the culture that fits everyone involved. It’s harder than setting a culture beforehand, but it’s the most natural thing to do, and above all, the right thing to do.

Every office has their ‘way’. This is ours.

We never settle for what we’ve achieved
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To go back and look at all the lessons we’ve learned, probably we have an Academy of Mistakes right here. Every agency acts like they’re the best, which is ok. But here is a little secret: in advertising, as in all industries, not everything is meritocracy.
Sometimes is luck, sometimes is connections, and sometimes who knows what. We just feel that pretending and not delivering is the worst an agency can do for their clients.
The Battlefield Approach
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We’re always aiming for perfection. Realistically. To get as close to perfection as we can. If there is a mountain to flatten just to get a bit more closer, we will take it. This is not an industry for the "meh" stuff. There are breathtaking works out there. We have to do better than that, or quit entirely. It’s a war out there.
If you’re not superior, you’re gone.

It’s only done when it’s done right.
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Excuses are hurtful. They give a sense of relief first, and then everyone gets hurt long term. We understand situations, but we cannot simply accept excuses. Everything that prevents from delivering excellence needs to be removed from the process.
We can only do this if we are open.
Size does not matter
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Your business is dear to us as it is dear for you. Regardless of size. You will be welcomed and served with the same respect that each of our clients isserved. Because we care deeply and it’s a great feeling when someone trusts PIK their precious business.
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