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November 10, 2021

How copywriting starts the sale

It is magical what effective copy can do. Even the most simple image (sometimes no image at all), with some nice/great/awesome copy in it, will do wonders.

But what is copy and what is copywriting?
Ok, let’s get over  with this once and for all and move on.
Copy is the text of promotional content. The text on print or digital materials, or the lines in in TV and Radio commercials and the disclaimers.Dear lord, we still have to clarify this even after years and years that copywriting entered as a separate process in the agency routines.

Anyway, let’s move on and share some tricks on how to trigger emotional reaction that make the hand reach for the wallet.

There is one that everyone overlooks and seems weak as an approach, but it’s most probably the best: honesty. We are not talking about being dull honest and just showing the facts. We’re talking about knowing people’s fears and being open to discuss things. You might ask how do you do that when the communication is one way? Well, you start by asking an honest question? A question that shows the way to a great solution.

For example: let’s take a house loan as a product. What is the common benefit that anyone is looking for in a house loan? Obviously not paying to rent but paying to own.So we shoot the question with a big headline: ARE YOU SAD YOU STILL RENT?

We know that the target audience will answer “yes” inside themselves, so we follow in the sub headline: Live today the happy life you deserve in your own home.
Simple. Clear. To the point.

Then in the bullet points we put the product features. And these must be competitive, or else what’s the point. No one will want to pay more because your copy is good, but your communication will start a journey. And it’s up to the 360° campaign to close that sale by targeting etc.

To be continued…