November 10, 2021

Was it always this hard?

In the rushing of the “everything lasts 3o sec max” (we thought of that too, it’s not that funny) it has become hard for the leaders, how to say this… to lead, meaning communication and execution.

Because the leaders, or the management, just like everybody else has their own life challenges and also work load to carry around. And rest assured it’s heavier compared to employee load (that’s why more money right?). We might be wrong but all other agencies might face this. Being busy with treating the client right, and going back and forth for half a workday on the hue of a background color which is irrelevant to the whole thing. And thi is where everything starts.

There is a new trend in the business where the Client seems to have lost the concept of what the purpose and role of Marketing.

These migrations of people in parallel positions in a company take someone from finance, or product/sales and put them in a marketing role.. these people might know a thing or two about marketing, or even a deeper grasp, but hey, if they weren’t grinding 10 hours a day for years on end like the rest of us, it’s impossible to compete in a nasty environment. Because it is nasty.  

Brands are out for two things mainly: money and clients.  

Sometimes also to make a good deed once a year so they fulfill their CSR requirements, but mostly is just profit. And that is a tough thing to get. Even for pros, imagine someone who just started. And finance, product, sales people are individuals who rely on processes that ensure safety of the outcome.
With the marketing is the exact opposite. If it’s not risky, is it even worth the efforts? All groundbreaking creative concept or products came from never seen before approaches, that’s why their impact was so powerful.

Delivering truly great creative work has never been easy, but in the everyday change of digital, internet, mobile, now Meta everything need to be re considered every now so often. Trying new thing is risky of course, but the rewards are always there. Playing it safe means doing something which you have seen being done and works. The problem is that “it has been done, who’s gonna have an interest on it again.

Simply put “stop doing the same thing everybody did… yesterday”!

Still the clients require things. And they want those things fast. So the pace gets crazy. That’s where effective leadership comes in. That what’s separates mewh agencies good agencies and great agencies. Delivering steady quality work without