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A campaign to relax, get ready and lighten up all summer nights.

Amstel, a leader in the beer market, has been present at the Albanian table since 1991. In 2018 they wanted to launch a campaign that would upgrade their image and appeal to younger audiences. The communication would target the socializers, party animals, and those who enjoy summer celebrating with their friends.
Summer is the season of sun, sea, and days spent on the beach; the season we enjoy our moments with family and friends the most, finally relaxing and rewarding ourselves after the hard winter at work or school.

We wanted to build a campaign around the way we celebrate this season, the unique Amstel way.

Summer, friends and an exceptional way of celebrating.

The movie featured a group of friends having a night to remember celebrating with Amstel. It was an invitation to open up to the world and get ready to celebrate each moment, making our days AND nights brighter. Bright like the summer sun!
Since our brand stands for “brew the bright side of life,” the campaign’s message fell under the concept of making our summer nights come alive and become brighter.
The message was simple yet appealing to the youngsters but also every Amstel lover, despite their age, background, and lifestyle. We wanted everyone to feel the positive feelings and positive experience with Amstel during the summer months.


A summer campaign that brought the party and the perfect reason to drink beer.

It's the summer of 2018. Amstel wants to give a reason to party all over Albania. When it’s party time, PIK is always there, ready to give the best ideas and organize events and activations that can make a real buzz. The beer has been at every Albanian’s table for a very long time, but we want to bring the beer out in the streets and celebrate summer the proper way.

Give yourself the reward you deserve

The campaign was built around the concept that you should celebrate every little accomplishment and reward yourself with Amstel. If you’ve given your best in every important or silly thing you do, you deserve to be rewarded.

5 super events in 5 different cities.

A series of concert were organized in 5 different cities all over Albania. People celebrated their summer nights with good music, games and activations, good food and the best beer.

A new summer packaging

During the summer campaign, Amstel lovers were also introduced with a refreshed packaging, brought to them with summerish look with “motivational” that helped them understand that every little accomplishment they have, must be rewarded with a beer.


Locally inspired
universally relevant.

As one of the first foreign brands that ever came to the country, Amstel has walked side by side Albanians since 1991 and knows them better than any other brand. That being said, when Amstel choose PIK to adress the  request for a locally relevant campaign, we knew that we had to go the extra mile and come up with a creative approach that spoke to the audience’s heart. What do Albanians consider to be more important than everything else? As people with a strong sense of identity they regard their family and social bonds as the core to their values and who they are.

Focusing on new couples and to their  brighter moment: their wedding.

Which is the main occasion that gathers every important person in an Albanian’s life?It’s a wedding. The perfect event to celebrate with both family and friends.
Although, the event itself is never perfect, here come Amstel to save the day and brighten the celebration. A series of situation that every Albanian relates to, culminate with the moment of the Amstel toast.  This way Amstel reinforce its position in the territory of big celebrations thought the main message:“Raise an Amstel to those who make our celebrations brighter! That’s how we like it.”


To be or not to be.
The big question with a never-ending answer

We are what we drink. So, this means that we are 70% water.
That is why instead of yet another water brand, we created a product that represents who we are, our true selves.
We built a bold identity, bottled water that inspires us to express our individuality and creativity in its full potential.

Whatever you feel to B/ just B/.
This is the kind of water you need

B/ it’s much more than bottled water. It’s a lifestyle.  In a world that tells us to behave, think and be a certain way, we say BE YOU instead and celebrate your true self.

uje b banner

We created a premium brand supported by a premium bottle that made B/ Water contemporary and recognizable.

Target group?
Yep, let’s be all of them!

Everyone drinks water. But our modern product speaks the language of youngsters. We speak to the active ones, those who love going out, being out there enjoying the city lifestyle. We aim for the trendsetters to lead our product throughout the market. We want to alter their mentality from “I want a bottle of water” to “I want a bottle of B/”. What happens next? B/ Water will follow these trendsetters as they grow older, eventually becoming not only cool water for young people but a cool choice for everyone.

slider 1

It’s all about flavor.  
More or less... it’s what makes you choose.

Our client, Sejega Mayonnaise, gave us the task to visually represent a product so intensely delicious that it can "transform" instantly any dry and dull food into a juicy, yummy meal of unforgettable taste. Was it easy? Not exactly. But it was fun.
Our main hero, a paper sandwich, turns at the magic touch of a rich, thick, and creamy mayonnaise into a deliciously real one.
That’s the magic of a mayo that makes you enjoy food even more.

Lightfull colors, details without visual caos.This is the taste of a campaign over flavour.

A campaign overruled by lightful colors. Colors that evoke the tastebuds and stimulate the appetite. But we didn’t want these colors to overshadow our Sejaga Mayonnaise. That is why we decided to make the subject stand out and let it talk or itself. The result: Harmonious visuals tastefully crafted without any unnecessary distraction.We produced a playful and tasteful commercial that is fun to watch over and over again.


The universal power of making questions -and finding the answers.

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is an international after-school program that gives teens the skills succeed in a mdigital world. With 9 TUMO centers across the globe the center expand its presence in Albania. Missing a communication campaign and a real strategic positioning from abroad we needed to work from scratch for the launching campaign.
For that, we started from our real audience. We asked real children from 12 to 16 years old what are they curious about -and we documented them.

Is there a real answer to
real kids’ questions?

What we have realised in the process was that people in that age don’t really want an answer because when they take one, they challenge it. And that, mostly because instead of taking an answer for granded they preffer to discover it by their own.
A second thing we have realized was that this is how human race has evolved since the dawn of time. We were in front of a great claim and a great campaign.
But first we went on air with kids questions regarding the 8 learning initiatives that TUMO offers. That was our teaser campaign with a remark of the launching date.

In the beginning there was...
a question.

Finally at the launching campaign we went big, bigger than life.
Our story begins at the dawn of the Universe claiming that the world didn’t start with the Big Bang but when people started wondering about the world. And that’s how we have evolved, how we have moved forward and how we have grown as people in the process. This is the power of making questions. This is the way to “Get ahead”.

Find your own answers.
Get ahead.

This is the message we want to deliver to our kids.
To question everything. To always search for their own answers. To use their curiosity to grow themselves in the same way we have used human curiosity as a strategy to communicate with our audience and create this meaningful and beautiful campaign.

Tumo inaguration with
Prime Minister mr. Edi Rama.

During the event of Tumo inaguration we connect with all the Tumo centers around the globe while representatives of the state, big corporations, and important stakeholders were present in the event. As our main message “Get ahead” was dominant in the campaign materials as well as in the interior decoration of Tumo was also the main message of the speakers of the event.


A campaign that created some serious buzzzzzz.

Have you ever spent all night fighting with a damn mosquito?
If you had to choose which one is more annoying, between the bite or the bzzzzz, you wouldn’t know which one to choose, do you? Well, H10 is here to help you win this battle with the mosquito invasion.
A product we’ve used our whole lives, even though we might not recall the brand. Here comes our creative team with a campaign proposal that aims to make H10 a top of mind for every bzzzzz problem we encounter

Is it RAF? Is it Luftwaffe?
No, it’s just summer.

Every summer is that time of the year. An airfleet of mosquitos is about to attack your skin, your peace, your family so you have to arm for the battle.
In a video that reminds a WWII documentary we see the attack taking place in the kitchen with lethal results.H10 ensures a sure and clean victory for the summer and it’s doing it successfully for the last 30 years.


A campaign to upgrade the image of an iconic shopping destination.

After several successful communications delivered for QTU, the first shopping mall in Albania and one of the biggest, we had a special request for a campaign. On October 2021, the mall’s 16th anniversary coincided with the season of the biggest sales of the year.

Our challenge was to create a concept that communicates two different-but-equally-important messages. Nevertheless, we saw this occasion as the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything that QTU stands for; a great shopping experience blended with a lot of fun and leisure time.

A Fashion experience

With everything that you can do at this shopping mall that recreates itself continually, you lose track of time. You dive into a true fashion experience, the cafes and bars, the cinemas, and all the entertainment that the center has to offer.

The multi channel communication, along with a TVC of high production values and a contemporary approach, showed an upgraded image of the mall and was very well received by the audience.


The oldest shopping center with a new and fresh communication campaign.

QTU, the first shopping mall in Albania and one of the biggest one, has proven through the years to know how to reinvent itself. And when they made huge transformation to their premises, they naturally wanted a relaunch campaign that would be equally as exciting as their new beginning.
So, to have a winning idea in the presentation pitch we, we knew that we had to create a new concept that would fit their new identity and upgrade QTU as a brand.

An immersive shopping experience.

The new QTU was bigger and better than before in everything it offered to its visitor such as additional recreative spaces, more stores and new cinema halls. So, we saw it as an opportunity to describe the shopping center as a whole universe where everything that happens is all around its visitor.

QTU. All around you.

The new slogan “QTU. All around you” was presented in a multichannel campaign. It had a fresh, fashionable and full of energy look and feel. With a series of TV spots, we showed the immense possibilities to do something related to you and your interests, at QTU.

We wanted to create a buzz, make people feel excited and consider QTU’s relaunch a big event in their life.


A tactical campaign that became the talk of the town.

Every autumn, Qtu is organising the Outlet Sales as one of the milestone activation of the year. The objective is to generate sales in a period that is prior to Christmas and after the Back to School period. So the importance of being successful each year is critical because it can make the difference in terms of sales.
This year the idea was to start a bit earlier than usually with a series of spots that were showing people that were simply... waiting.

“I am waiting”.
The right answer to give.

The TV spots shot in the premises of the shoping mall were illustrating people in the most unappropriate hours of the day to wait. Guess what. The upcoming sales of QTU.

Wait no longer.
QTU’s Outlet Sales is here!

The reveal campaign justified all the built up of the teasers. With sales up to -80% and a car offered as a gift to one of the lucky customers made perfect sense to wait for it. And people do wait for Outlet Sales of QTU every year ever since.


The most recalled and recognized campaign ever made in Albania.

Imagine yourself standing in the crowd of public protesters. Each person is chanting the same words. Some people are chanting louder while others fainter. Nonetheless, everyone rhythmically repeats the same things in the same way. Well, this is not the case of ALBTelecom rebranding and repositioning campaign.

Flexible as a platform,
genius as a solution.

Since Albanian market is mostly focused on prepaid bundles, we have created a platform that can be easily used to promote prepaid monthly packages addresing everyday communication problems.

A new striking visual language.

We also wanted to be unique in the image, funny in the tone-of-voice and to use single minded messages. For that, we have used story telling to say the stories of “The Creatives”. A young team of an advertising agency’s colleagues, telling stories and problems that the brand’s product could solve.

A new way of advertising with unexpected results.

This series of TV spots brought a new way of advertising in the Albanian market resulting one of the most recalled campaigns ever made in Albania that built depth for the brand, dimension and distinctiveness, driving recall and recognition even now.


Minimalism, passion, meaning and pride in
a perfect

On 2016 Albanian football team got qualified for the first time in its history to the European Championship. As much pride this qualification brought, it also attracted the lights and the attention of people and the media along with many challenges. Albania wanted to appear as a modern, contemporary, developing country and what better vehicle to use rather than… the design of the uniform?  
This jersey would not be just a uniform. It would be a statement, an aidentity claim over a global audience.

Answering complexity with clarity.

The old jersey was not appropriate for the players to wear –outdated in every way: from the design to the materials. The design of the uniform went on a tender and all the agencies and the design houses of the coutry participated in a pitch that was about to bring fame and pride to the winner. Indeed, this is how it felt after we attain it with a proposal that took all the meaning of being Albanian and put it in a simple design that radiates clarity of thought.
Designing the National Game Set for this historical event, the first time that has been qualified for the European Championship, brought us fame and pride.

The design of the jersey carries a lot of meaning from Albanian heritage and national pridein a modern, minimal way that follows our tradition of the use of geometric patterns.

Exceeding every expectation.

The uniform was a great success among fans and football critics, among the players and the stakeholders. Even the Prime Minister himself was involed to promote and congratulate the design. But mostly the uniform has being totally loved by the people and the fans that named it as “our legendary jersey”.


the cigar world.

Castro Cigars is an Albanian cigar brand that is been produced in Nicaragua and distributed globally. The idea was to create a brand that will represent the cigar world.

Unlocking unseen opportunity and
global market value.

For that, we choose an iconic name: Castro. For the creation of the brand assets we chose symbols that are related with the era and the achievements of Fidel Castro and not necessarily with the person. We have used the exact star of Cuban revolution as well as the colors of their military uniforms

Our revolutionary personality, revealed.

For PIK, the opportunity to create a cigars brand from scratch summoned all of our creative craftmanship in order to make a unique and outstanding concept. The result was ‘revolutionary’ that excites all cigar aficionados.


A global celebrity,
a glamorous football event and customer rewards can drive loyalty.

On 2017 Heineken was the main sponsor of Champions League worldwide. In Albania the brand wanted to invest on the sponsorship and become top of the consumers minds with an event that would gather true football fans and offer them true unforgettable moments!
For that we chose the PLAZA Hotel which was transformed into a glamorous venue where we incorporated the branding and set design elements of the event into the interior design of the hotel lounge.

Marco Materazzi gave the desirable “wow” effect to an already great event!

More than that, we have invited Marco Materazzi as a main guest in an event placed in a pedestrian street in the middle of Tirana who chose 25 people to be part of semi final of the Champion League among other games and events.

Rewards can create possitive sentiment and… raise glasses!

With a huge participation by the users as well as a strong post event on-line activity Heineken rewarded its audience for their loyaltybut also make them... cheer.


Addressing perfectly the logistic challenge of an iconic event.

The biggest achievement and a major milestone for Albania during 2019 was the celebration for the 10 years of Albania in NATO.
The event was held at ”Nene Tereza” Square with the President of The Republic of Albania, The Prime Minister of The Republic of Albania, Ministers of The Republic of Albania and many other important guests from countries that are part of NATO.

Massive participation.
Total precision.

10,000 troops from X coutries with their military leadership, and four NATO airplanes coming from France to fly in the Albanian sky, greeted the ceremony synced in a precision of a sec. The whole Square was branded with the logo and symbols created for the event as well as the main point of the ceremony, the stage

Staging the extraordinary.

One day before the main event, an official ceremony took place at “Pallati I Brigadave” with the President of the Republic of Albania while the next day, the main event followed. We feel honored for the opportunity and proud to have facing the ultimate challenge to organize the events and design of all the assets for the Celebration of 10 of Albania in the Alliance.


A campaign that speaks with children through their own language.

When the ELKA came to us with a request to advertise Replay Snacks targeting specifically children, we knew that if we wanted to build a successful brand with successful communication campaigns, we had to speak their language. The real challenge was to promote the product efficiently through a fun story that they could connect. Cartoons are part of every child’s daily routine. When they get affectionate with an animated character, they automatically get obsessed with the product.

“A regular day of Mia” - the first animated spot for Replay snacks that introduces the world of Mia and Replay characters. The most viewed kids video in Albania with 994.000 views on YOU TUBE within a year.

“Mia at the park” - the second animated spot of the series that positions the brand as the “snack of friends” that develops the story of Mia and Replay characters even further. It is a serious upgrade in terms of production values

A brand with a loyal following.

The enthusiastic bond that kids all over the country created with the characters, helped us convey our message in a fun and straightforward way.
The cartoon characters along with the production values created a great impact and made Replay Snacks a success story in the market.


Using humor to take over the category and create a love brand.

Back in 2015 Belino was the market leader in sales because of the good quality for money combination. But the brand was facing a challenge. Belino was falling back in brand perception mostly because the first croissant that was imported in Albania was Molto and as a result people were calling Molto any croissant in the market.
Being No1 in sales wasn’t enough for ELKA.
The challenge was quite tough: to overshadow all competition and give Belino the place it deserved. To be No1 in the people’s heart and top of people’s mind.

“The Good, the Bad and the French”: the second part of the tv spot series for Belino Croissant.

frame3 video 2 belino
frame8 video 2 belino
frame6 video 2 belino
frame2 video 2 belino
frame1 video 2 belino
frame1 video 5 belino
frame7 video 2 belino
frame7 video 2 belino

Overshadowing the competition.

We decided to use as our tools for that task the croissant origin (France) and the perception people have for French language and pronunciation. On top of that we used the strong identity of the product to our advantage capitalizing the whole heritage that the product has in its dna… but not in the expected way.

The adventures of a French aristocrat offered a solution to the brand’s challenge.

The result was two campaigns that narrate the stories of a French aristocrat that travels in iconic cinematic fictional places trying to explain how croissant is really pronounced, but, with no results. Because, after all, there’s only one name for croissant: Belino!

“Il Padrino and Belino”: the third part of the tv spot series for Belino Croissant.

Consistancy and cutting edge humor have created a love brand.

For PIK, Belino is our favorite case of a communication that took almost 5 years of consistent presence that resulted a love brand, record sales but most importantly, a perception change about the brand. Moreover, a behaviour change of the consumers so, when they want a croissant, to ask for a “Belino” rather any other brand because croissant have only one name. Guess what...


We challenged status quo by challenging coffee category clichés.

With the ambition to succeed outside the borders of Albania, ADD Co. engaged PIK to invent a coffee brand that would have the voice and the personality to bring that success. Instead of focusing on quality that most of the coffee brands are doing we focused on the personality of the brand and the coffee moments. Starting from the name we saw coffee as a source of creativity, and what more creative than motherhood? The source of all life: “AME” or “AMA” in Albanian. We have infused the Italian spirit in the slogan keeping “amato” as a key word (beloved in Italian). The brand was born. But the personality was to follow: bold, creative, minimal, artistic, abstract and daring. Balkan soul, Italian style. 

Local insights targeting global audience.

Living in a country that has 654 cafes per 100 thousand inhabitants or 1 café per 152 people our first thought was to focus on real insights and use them to create a global visual language that talks to a global audience.

Sparking dialogue.

AMA Coffee sparked dialogue immediately and continued the conversation establishing a connection, a community and, finally the success of going abroad in just XX years from the birth date of the brand.

A unique case of brand creation and building.

This is a unique case of a brand built on local cultural tension that connected business goals and brand vision to global consumer needs.

Developing new products.

Following the launching of the main brand new products were developed like Ama Iced Coffee and Ama Signature Varietes, each one with a unique sales proposition and place in the marketplace. What these products have in common is the special craft in their communication and packaging that only PIK can offer.


Crafting at its best.

A Mar Adriatico is another brand that we have created from scratch. The style is minimal, elegant and very modern. It perfectly allows us to show the quality and freshness of the product, by practically displaying it alongside a clean and
eye-catching design.

A packaging that stands out.

The logo concept, by highlighting different characters, displays and communicates the complexreality and all the different meanings of the brand name. We aimed to craft apackaging that everyone will distinguish immediately amongst other brands.

A packaging that stands out.

The artwork, the anchoviesillustrations, are hand made and unique. This is an original way to transmit,directly from the label design, all the artisan care with which the anchoviesare treated. The watercolor brushes recalls the sea flavors. We have used amore sophisticated blue, which merges the crystal blue waters of the Adriaticsea, the same blue reflections of the anchovies and the neutral food colorsaltogether.